There’s a 1995 ZR-1 for sale right here in Ontario! Amazing, the car of my dreams and the year I’d most like and it’s just three hours down the road from me.

But… (you know there was a but coming didn’t you?) the car has never been driven – zero kilometers (or miles) on the clock. The owner bought it and has had it stored away since ’95.

I don’t really understand that philosophy. A car is meant to be driven, used, not just looked at occassionally. Surely if a ZR-1 is anything, it’s meant to perform – not sit around gathering dust like it was made of glass.

That said, there are more serious issues other than personal opinion on the drive-or-admire debate. Having been sat around for ten years, the seals in the engine will have likley shrunk and gone brittle. Bearing surfices in the engine will not have recieved the lubrication needed to maintain them in good condition, quite likely it will be seized and quite possibly the gearbox will be in similar condition too.

Firing up an engine like that would be fraught with danger. It would probably need stripping completely and a full rebuild. Essentially what was once the King of the Hill, is now reduce to a museum piece that will never do what it was designed to do.

The owner will likely never get his money back. He paid $86k Canadian back in ’95. He might now get around 70k perhaps. Even if he gets what he paid for it he’d still be losing a lot of money just due to inflation.

Somehow that doesn’t seem a good result for letting the King of Corvettes sit on a pedestal for eleven years.