I’m looking to buy a Corvette ZR-1. These are pretty rare as ‘vettes go (and even a ‘regular’ Corvette is rather rare by typical domestic car production numbers) and to be honest it’s rather a scary proposition.

On the one hand, we can afford the payments no problem and I have the full support of Hil, my fiance. On the other, we’re talking about spending 30-40 thousand dollars (Canadian) on what is essentially a ‘toy’. And not only that but one that we can only really use 7 or 8 months of the year here in Northern Ontario.

That’s a lot of money. In fact a significant percentage of what we paid for our house!

Hil is all for it and 100% behind me. She knows just how long I have dreamed of this and how much I want it. In fact she probably pushes me more to get one than I do myself, because I always feel ‘guilty or something.

Still, it worries me and all of those ‘doubt demons’ start jumping around inside my head, bouncing the the “what if’s” around in the space between my hairy ears.

I talk to Hil about it over and over. She must think I am a complete pain in the arse sometimes. She always soothes my troubled thoughts though and reassures me that it’s okay to go ahead.