I’ve been looking at a ZR-1 for a few weeks now, exchanging emails and phone calls with the owner. So far it looks like it might be a ‘go’. The photos of the car look okay – not stunning – but okay.

There is a little surface rust underneath (C.V. joints etc.) and it definitely shows signs of being ‘driven’. That’s okay though, I intend driving it too and as long as you’re aware of any possible problems it’s no big deal.

I have to say that the people on the ZR-1 forum have been invaluable in looking at the pictures with a more clinical and knowledgeable eye. It certainly has helped immensely getting their feedback.

The next stage is to go and look at the car to see if it’s as good ‘in the flesh’ as it is in the photos. The owner is in Wisconsin and I’m in Northern Ontario, so it’s around a 2000km round trip in deteriorating weather conditions – not ideal circumstances, but worth it to potentially get a ZR-1.

The vehicle I am looking at is a ’92, so one of only five hundred and two made. It has a black exterior and interior, which isn’t my favourite colour but that’s okay too – Dark Red Metallic (my favourite) are so rare that I don’t really have much chance of getting one, so a respray will be in order.

The owner has it advertised at $28k US and describes it as in ‘excellent’ condition, an assessment which the photos don’t really hold up. I’d judge it to be ‘fair’ to ‘good’ based on the guides on KBB. This gives it a value of between $22k and $24k – just inside my budget.

Although it’s looking good, the one thing I won’t do is get pulled in to a bad deal. I’d rather walk away and put the trip down to experience. That said the opportunity is there and looks good so far.