Corvette owners tend to fall into a certain demographic. Largely they are successfull, older people. Often ’empty nesters’ whose children have left and they are finally able to get the ‘dream car’.

This is understandable. After all a ‘vette isn’t what you would call a practical vehicle. It’s a toy, pure and simple, and what’s more a rather expensive one too.

Most of these owners want to own the epitome of the childhood dream and will look to buy a perfectly restored ’57 or perhaps a ’63 split window coupe.

The other demographic stereotypical of ‘vette ownership is the middle-aged exec. These owners tend to buy the latest C5 and C6s with all the trimmings and cruise around looking for young co-eds to pick up. 😉

This subsection of ‘vette owners tend to have a large percentage of disposable income and don’t mind spending it to get what they want. They will trade in their C5 willingly for the latest C6, new is the key here. Whatever the latest and greatest is becomes the goal.

So where does that leave you if you’re a Corvette fan but not an empty nester or a well heeled exec? What of you’re just an average working guy or gal? What if you’re *gasp* below the age of twenty-five?

Luckily it doesn’t need to be that way. ‘Vette ownership is readily accessible to most people now. If you can forego the stratospheric prices of the rare vintage cars and the slick technology laden newer cars you’ll find that there are real bargains out there to be had.

It’s perfectly possible to find decent condition C3 Sharks for less than $10k US. Okay these aren’t likely to be the mountain shaking 427 chrome bumpered variety, they might not be ‘numbers matching’ but they are there if you look. I could probably find a dozen or more of these in just a few minutes of searching online.

Likewise the C4s are very accessible now with many vehicles available for less than $10k including the later LT-1 powered versions from ’92 onwards. These are the cars that frightened Porsche so much they actually bought a couple to pull apart and see how the hell GM was getting that much performance and handling out of the car!

Your budget doesn’t run to $10k. No problem! Some of the less popular years such as the early and mid ’80s ‘vettes can be had for five or six thousand. That’s right, America’s own sports car for the price of a used Ford.

Sure some of these cars are ‘underpowered’ by some standards but you won’t notice it when you hit the throttle and the seat kicks you in the arse. They may not be in great condition, you might have to do some work on them, but that’s part of the fun too.

Good times, indeed!