Okay… had to happen I guess. We have a problem, not of the Houston variety.

When I bought the ZR-1 we did an exchange of the car title (ownership record) and money via mine and the sellers respective banks. This was all well and good, protects people from possible problems etc. All nice and clever and simple.

Except, as I mentioned in a previous post, it meant I ended up with the title and it needed to stay with the car for import purposes. Couldn’t be a copy, has to be the original.

So I went to my post office, said “I need to send this to the US fast and secure.” the Canada Post lady said I needed to use their xpresspost delivery and it would cost $14. Seems a lot of money I think but what the hell, I want it done quick. After sealing the title inside the envelope and filling in everything, paying my money etc. she then adds ‘It will take 6 working days, and tomorrow doesn’t count.”

Why Wednesday doesn’t count as a working day for Canada Post is a mystery. I’m not happy about this, 6 days isn’t what I would call ‘fast’ for delivery to a destination I can drive to in 8 hours. Unfortunately by now I’d paid my money, sealed everything up and didn’t feel I have any choice any more.

So here we are, over a week later and the letter still hasn’t got to the destination. I’m tracking it online and it apparently crossed over to the US on the 9th, it’s now the 15th. Now, slow is one thing, but 6 days to travel the hours drive from the border to the destination?

At this rate it would have been quicker to send it by pony express – using dead ponies!

Naturally I phoned Canada Post to see what was happening. The helpful man on the other end of the line informs me that all mail is now routed through New York due to “Homeland Security”. And what has just happened to New York?

Umpteen feet of snow… So the title is stuck in a snow drift, somewhere…

If I had hair, I’d probably be tearing it out right about now.