After we bought our ZR-1 we thought it would be nice to join the local ‘vette club. A bond of mutual appreciation of the Corvette, events, camaraderie, shared tips etc. We’d met them several times before but hadn’t joined because the idea felt a little strange with not owning a Corvette.

This last Sunday was the first ‘official’ cruise of the season, a steady run to North Bay (two hours East of Sudbury), Cruise around town and then lunch at Average Joe’s on Trout Lake. A nice relaxed start to the ‘vette year.

Late Saturday evening we got a call from Bill, one of the other members, who told us that he had an inkling that no one else was going (we’d responded and said we were when emailed). Nothing was known 100% so we decided we’d turn out anyway, though we were understandably less than optimistic about the turn of events.

Something missing!The appointed departure time came and went. With our ZR-1 proving to be the only ‘vette in sight. After waiting a while we called Bill and arranged to meet him later on to cruise over to our intended destination later that day, feeling somewhat jaded with the idea.

Rather beneficially, in this instance, we live just off Highway 17, heading east from Sudbury so at the arranged time we simply slipstreamed in behind Bill’s handsome looking silver ’78 and played a little ‘tag’ for the next few kilometers. We had a beautiful day and the annoyances of the morning were soon forgotten in the pleasures of driving.

We stopped off at the waterfront at North Bay, which was beautiful (though the wind off the lake was still a little chilly) and then headed for the Average Joe’s restaurant, which turned out to be not at all ‘average’ and definitely a venue we’ll be going back to I think. If you’re ever in the area check it out. Bill and Mabel are great company and we got the full tale of Bill’s amazing shrinking garage!

Bill and Mabel in their Shark

After our meal, we pointed the ‘vettes back towards Sudbury. We hadn’t got half a kilometer before I got an ‘oil low’ light pop up. Luckily we had some radios so we could keep in touch and Bill guided us to a gas station nearby. As it happened they didn’t have any Mobil 1, so we headed off in the C3 to find an Esso station where we could get some of the magical elixir. Luckily it wasn’t too far and we had the necessary fluid in five minutes, a couple of jugs later and we were good to go again.

Bill had spotted some police checking cars on the way but we didn’t see anything as we left and had another pleasant cruise back home.  All in all a very pleasant day, despite the somewhat inauspicious beginning.

Ready to go

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