According to the press the new Corvette ZR1 production has been suspended due to the financial problems that all of the “big Three” auto companies are having.

As I pointed out in my earlier article “Lessons from History” this, sadly, comes as little surprise to me. It looks likely that the 2009 ZR-1 could even be a one year only vehicle considering it is the kind of ‘high profile’ offering likely to be offered up to any government auditors as ‘proof’ that GM is behaving responsibly with its bailout money.

Believe me I hate to be proven right and I would be happy to be very wrong in this case. I’m not a big fan of the C6 or ZR1 personally but I would mourn their loss neverthless.

A journalist from Corvette Fever mentioned in a recent issue that he was looking for a part for his 1996 C4 in 2001 and GM had already withdrawn the part – just five years after the car was sold. It seems to me that this is the kind of issue that has brought GM (and the other manufacturers) to their current problems – not quality, not ‘gas guzzlers’ (this has been a recent impact solely on the back of increased gas prices), not building “cars that no one wants”.

GM have pushed and pushed to make cars commodoties with ever shorter product ‘life cycles’ that they want to push to maintain the ridiculous profit taking of their senior management. As I know all too well from my experiences with my ’91 ZR-1.

Perhaps if they put as much effort into supporting their customers as they do into trying to force them to buy the next model then they might have a happier future.