So this was it, the first track day with the ZR-1. This is basically what I have wanted to get involved in ever since getting The Dragon.corvettes at Dunnville_20090724_70_1_1

It was scary, thrilling, hard work and sweaty; but it gave me the biggest adrenaline hit I’ve ever felt with my clothes on! Fantastic!

At one point I passed a yellow C5 Z06 at one point and the car kept close pace behind me. As I pulled in to the pits the driver followed and as I got out of the car he ran up to me and said “Oh my god it IS a ZR-1!”

The driver turned out to be Klaus Reif who hosts the Niagara Club annual show at his Reif Estate Winery who not only is an incredibly nice guy, but also a damn good driver and expert winemaker to boot! He knew the history of the ZR-1 in detail and loved the fact that I was using it “as Zora intended” – what a day!