Yesterday was a beautiful day here. The snow has largely gone, the roads are pretty clear (so long as you stay off the side streets) and the temperatures are hitting the pluses with reasonable frequency.

I couldn’t resist any longer. We picked up the gear necessary and went to wake The Dragon from it’s long Winter slumber.

After re-installing the battery he cracked into life first time and purred contentedly. Out on to the streets the beast rumbled sedately, stretching himself in the warm Spring sunshine as we made our way across town.

The first run is always fairly sedate, the tires aren’t really at operating temperature and I spend most of the journey listening to noises from the car, watchful for any telltale warning signs after the Winter hibernation.

There were no concerns. The Dragon was in fine shape, rumbling pleasantly all the way home.

At one point I couldn’t resist, dropping a couple of gears to bring the revs up and ‘exercise’ the secondary injectors. The Dragon reared forward, eager to pound the highway content to do my bidding, whatever that might be. A tingle of excitement jumped up and down my spine and the ‘permagrin’ settled on my face.

ZR-1s are pure excitement!

Dave standing by 1991 Black Corvette ZR-1