I didn’t have as much time as I hoped at the weekend but I did look at the car again.

The CDM is finally located. It’s tucked right up underneath the glove box (My car is a ’91 and I think that’s the same for ’90-92). There’s a big but though – accessibility. You can just about see the back end of the CDM if you lie down with your head at the narrow end where the door hinges are. I could see some connectors just about but can’t tell if these are the ones I need to pull to connect to.

You can also see the CDM from below. This requires contorting yourself onto your back with your head in the passenger foot-well. That isn’t the end of it though, there’s also a plastic shield of some description that you need to remove or free up to gain access to the box And even that doesn’t help a lot).

Neither of these routes has so far given me what I need so far and I haven’t worked out what connectors I need to connect to the adapter harness yet. I’m pretty sure it’s the connectors running out of the CDM but without seeing them it’s hard to be sure. UPDATE: I’ve found (some of) the connectors – three so far but there seems like there should be a fourth that is eluding me. My left hand is a mass of cuts and scratches from doing this and I’d love to be able to wear gloves but then I wouldn’t be able to feel the connectors properly to unhook them…

I did remove the head unit itself. That in itself was a pain as the screws are very difficult to access and even after removing them there was a lot of cursing and damaged knuckles before it was out. Once out I compared it and the new head is around 3mm deeper, not counting connectors, so I am going to have to cut the plastic rear wall to gain extra space.

I’m beginning to doubt my sanity at this point and wonder if I should have just left alone.

I also did some more testing and set-up on the new head. I hooked up the speaker connections to the Line-In on my computer to test the sound and am happy to report it all works fine. I’d really like to change some of the default apps but am struggling to work out how to do that at the moment. It’s not a big deal, but it would be nice  to have everything setup the way I want it to be.