Worked some more on the ‘vette stereo at the weekend. I hooked it up to the car temporarily and it actually worked! Talk about surprised. For some reason I didn’t seem to have any sound on the front speakers but hopefully I can figure that out.

While messing with it I moved the head and the sound died. I checked the fuses on the left side but everything was okay. A lot of digging later I found that there were two more fuse panels and one had a radio fuse. The manual leads you to believe that these fuses are in the engine bay, but after searching for about 30 minutes I realized that the manual must be deceptive. I did a web search and found a few references to the fuses being under the kick panel on the passenger side.

So contortion time again and I found them buried in the mass of wires under there. It took some doing but I found the radio fuse and sure enough it had blown. After replacing it I checked the wires again with my circuit tester and had the live on the accessory line needed to start up the head.

A couple of other things that I found when testing that are a bit of a pain. First the antenna (aerial)  power line has to be connected. There’s some kind of switch in the circuits that doesn’t send power to the speakers until the antenna is raised. The whole setup for the sound on the C4 is stupid (thanks Bose!). I know this action can be bypassed but I’ll leave it for now as I want to get the car on the road.

The second issue is a pop from the speakers when you switch functions on the head unit. I read something about this (on the Corvette Forums I think) and again I think there’s a way around it but again I’m not going t worry about it too much for the moment. It’s not like I will be changing functions every couple of minutes.

While messing about under the hood I also (not really planned) removed one of the side-marker lights and couldn’t get it back. I’m sure I will be able to once I spend some time looking at it more seriously.

So the next step is to get the wiring soldered up and actually install the head into the dash. That looks like a bugger of a job too.

I’m feeling stiff and sore again from all the twisting.

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