Third generation Corvettes

Somewhat reluctantly I call the service manager at the local Goodwrench service center and I’m quickly booked in to get the speedometer correction gears installed. I’m not 100% sure they know how to do this job and they sound a little unsure when I quiz them. I console myself with the thought that this isn’t a reflection on the service center, it’s just a slightly unusual operation. I offer to bring in instructions on what needs doing, as well as the parts and they agree that will be useful, sounding somewhat relieved. I’m less so, as they didn’t admit not being sure until I pressed the issue. I’ve always thought it’s better to admit you’re not sure than barge ahead and screw things up.

So I take it in on the appointed day, my fiancée following in our regular car to ferry me on to my job. When I drop it off I’m informed that the service center is short staffed and they ‘might not be able to look at it that day but they hoped they would’. Here’s where I made my first mistake – I left the ‘vette with them.

Several calls later on that day and I finally establish that the car won’t be ready. They promise to keep it inside overnight, but it will be Tuesday before they can do the work. They also tell me that there is an oil leak on the car and I let them know that the oil pan bolts are known to work loose, so they might want to check them when it’s up on the lift.

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After we bought our ZR-1 we thought it would be nice to join the local ‘vette club. A bond of mutual appreciation of the Corvette, events, camaraderie, shared tips etc. We’d met them several times before but hadn’t joined because the idea felt a little strange with not owning a Corvette.

This last Sunday was the first ‘official’ cruise of the season, a steady run to North Bay (two hours East of Sudbury), Cruise around town and then lunch at Average Joe’s on Trout Lake. A nice relaxed start to the ‘vette year. Continue reading